Giving Fleets, Bases, and Drivers the Technology to Compete with Technology

Our focus

Delivering All the Tools you Need to Compete


About US

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The Result

Saving your base, one click at a time. The existing transportation infrastructure has been in place for decades and fleets that have survived from generation to generation are now facing the threat of obsolescence. PerGo was created with the hope of solving this problem. We believe our solution to be simple, intuitive and easy to adopt. There is no long term commitment required. There are no cancellation fees and there is no set-up fee. We want every base in America to have the ability to access this type of technology.

  • location services

    knowing where your cars are and using that information for the best service possible

  • reservations

    reservation imports

  • Payments

    In and out of car integrated Payment Processing

  • passenger application

    Give your clients the service tools they demand from a modern transportation company

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